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Deck Repair

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One of many like this.
:rolleyes: Sadly this is very common workmanship in the philadelphia area. When the housing boom made its way here anyone who owned a hammer became a carpenter / contractor. I know its keeping me busy but its still really sad to see this and know the homeowners paid good money for it. Not going to get into the warped and knotty decking that was used.
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Oh well, they tried...

More concerning than not nailing off the hanger is the reason for the joist pulling away. Properly built, you shouldn't have to rely on the hanger that much for separation.
if you look closer it didnt pull away.
they cut it too short and just toenailled the h#ll out of it.
Oh, you're right. You can cut more off, but you can't cut MORON.
there are 9 joists just like this....just resting on the hanger.
You mean you can't do that?:eek:

Crap. I'm screwed. I thought that's what the hangers were for.
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quit picking on my work dammit
quit picking on my work dammit
Thats an exspansion joint :thumbsup:
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Be careful

They might have glued all the wood they cut off and made a deck board out of it.:w00t:
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That's nothing man. We started a deck job today that the HO had built. Well the snow came off the roof last winter and the deck totaly collapsed. The 4x4 support posts snapped lick toothpicks!

Some things found so far - single 2x8 supporting a 12' span holding up the exterior house wall. NO proper footings - 4x4's simply stuck into the ground. 2x3 joists!

On and on it went, we tore the whole thing out today, removed all the "footings" and will start from scratch tomorrow.

Got to love it. :thumbup:
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