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Does anybody know of any good software for deck design. I want to be able to use it to produce plans suitable for submission to Building and Planning departments for permits (although it'll be nice for the clients too).

I need to be able to produce plan and elevation, and to scale. I need to be able to produce custom designs, including stairs.

I initially got this one for $115:

…but it's not much good. It doesn't produce an elevation nor does it show where the stairs are. And it's not to scale – just shows a plan view with the length and breadth dimensions marked.

I googled and found these two:

I tried downloading the free trial versions and neither will execute! I'll have to contact their support desks next week (when I get some spare time – haha), but so far can't try them out.

I have also found these people: - but no free trial that I can see.

What do you use? Any help will be appreciated.

Deck Design Software

Try AutoCad Lite, you can get a free trial (a fully fuctioning version that works for 15 days) at

You can get a trial version for both AutoCad lite, and the full 3-D version of AutoCad as well.
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