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deck coating question

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I posted this question in the deck area but thought that the painters might have more information.

I have a good customer that I will be doing a lot of work for this spring and part of the work involves making the existing deck look much better. I am going to put in a new stairway and all new posts and railing. I was playing with applying one of the new deck coatings to make the structurally ok PT deck look much better.
There are some two part epoxy and other coatings that fill checks and nail indentations , create a slip resistance surface and last forever. - According to the product literature. I have never used any of these products nor have I ever seen them on a deck and am looking for information and recommendations from anyone who has used any of these products.
Bill T
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This is one of the products I was looking into.
I have a sample of a different one - a two part epoxy coating - but I don't have the name handy.
Having seen so many different products fail on decks I'm usually leery about these types of products. Fixing them after they've failed is a nightmare too.

The epoxy one is really alarming because they don't stand up to UV exposure well at all.
Some of the Restore or products like it are more elastomeric in nature than epoxies, which would chalk badly with UV exposure. These products are merely cosmetic fixes for decks which may need replacement or significant repair due to wood deterioration.
Thanks for the responses. I think I will recommend replacing the deck boards rather than coating them. Too many negatives and only one short term positive.
Bill T
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