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day planner software?

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Well I have the new tablet up and running and it's great. I was using a pda but I want to ditch that because I only need on leash not two :)

At this very moment the only reason I am using the PDA still, is because I fell in love with the integrated calendar program. My tablet came with one that is more powerful in some ways, but less powerful in other ways. Overall the calendar program found in miscrosoft pocket pc 2003, is exactly what I need. I really really like the way the calendar program beeps to remind me something is coming up. I couldn't tell you how many times that saved my butt. I can settle for more, but not less.

I went to and could spend about a year installing and trying different programs.

Do you guys have any suggestions for day planner/scheduling software?

I wish I could port over that calendar program to my tablet. That would be great! Anyone know if that's possible?
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The planner I was speaking of that came with my tablet is the FranklinCovey software. I don't like how it doesnt remind you of upcoming appointments. It's kinda neat how you can use your own hand writing but that's no big whooptedoo for me. I need one that beeps.

Then again if the computer is off it's not going to beep. Argh I can't win! I'm going to have to write an app that will page me a few minutes before a lead, then make it web based so I can add appointments from anywhere. Hmmm... Better yet any more suggestions?
Grumpy, I've been using a software called Ecco Pro for several years. It's no longer supported, but is still available as a download ( Lots of info available at

We use it and abuse it and stuff it full of info. Needs Windows to run. Don't think it's available on a PDA. The learning curve is steep, but at least to us it's been worth it. If you're interested in pursuing it further, contact me and I'll let you know how we use it.
I use Outlook Express, keeps in contact with all aspects of the calander and it also keeps the customers phone and address. I like it also for you can download that information into your cell phone, so if a customer calls, you already know there name before you answer.

Paul, before I download and install it, does it beep to remind you of appointments? Thanks for the info!

BJD, how does outlook express integrate with the calendar? I've been using it since 1997 and have never seen any calendar. Do you mean Outlook, and not Outlook Express? I do use the Outlook Express address bood for all my frequent contacts but not my customers. I keep my customers in spreadsheets. There's just TOO many of them.
Grumpy, see the screen shot below:

The answer is yes. You can choose any sound, and you can attach all kinds of alarms and prior warnings you want, to any task or appointment item. If you want to get fancy, you can even put different sounds on different alarms. It allows you to spawn programs as well, so it has quite a few tricks.

What I love about the program is that it allows you to filter your database on any parameter that it contains. Let's say you attach a new user-defined field called "Customer Type", and assign "Casual Prospect", "Serious Prospect", "Needs SERVICE NOW", "Referral", etc. You can then tell the system to show you only those customers that are "Serious Prospect". Similarly, on tasks you can sort by any field, filter on any field, etc., etc., etc.

Now, since you're also the project manager, you can set up a file in Ecco for Projects, and each "Project" becomes a line entry in that file. Tasks that you need to do for that project can be entered as sub-items, in an outline form. Each of these can also be crosslinked to your calendar/agenda, and to the customer file in the phonebook. I don't know of too many programs that give you that kind of flexibility.
Grumpy said:
Paul, before I download and install it, does it beep to remind you of appointments? Thanks for the info!
Excellent thank you! I'm going to download it now.
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