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cutting metal roof panels

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Hey everyone, was wanting to know what you guys are using for cutting metal roofing material.......we are trying to keep clean cuts and angles that most tools dont offer the ability. ;)
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Plasma Cutter? they make a real small unit for under $500.00
No you do not use any gas, it air from a compressor or some even have them buit in, as fars as paint edges burning no not to bad at all. The one I have is adjustable for the materail thickness, cuts like butter through the real thin stuff without ant distortion or paint burning. I use it a lot for cutting through heating units jackets for repairs, after the repair I flange the panel back into the sapce it was before.
Body shops use them a lot for this reason, find a shop with one and take a peek at how they use them.

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How about some power snips, and or power nibblers, they sell cheap from HF, or northern?

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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