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I am not sure what you do.

1) My goal is to make our business systematic and predictable. I want a sales person to present our company (without me having to be there on each meeting )

We have a list of questions ( creates a flow of information ) about the Customer, Budget, Design, Wants / Needs. This prepares you for the meeting, you need to practice before you do a presentation.

"He who asks questions is in control "

Learning to LISTEN is key.

(Note: During your presentations - write down the questions that Customers ask - what this does is allows you to go back and review and you can create responses to those questions for the next time. )

2) Short presentation manual with pictures - make brief points.

3) Document your business process ( Marketing / Sales / Design / Bid etc) Outline your steps as a business - This makes your business a system - Practice your presentation ( see what works, what doesn't ) Are you following the steps as you have outlined? If not, why ?

3.1) Create professional in house forms to capture information ( i e questions above )

4) Sales person - Make up a Sales Kit for your car
Presentation manual, business cards, brochures, tape measure, calculator, camera, thank you notes, stamps, extra coins for meters, note pads, forms, etc.

Makes you ready each time you meet - refill your case each week as needed.

Hope this helps
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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