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Custom window suppliers

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I have a good friend who just called me about building a small custom home on his property.

He also wanted to know about custom window manufacturers and if I had any advice on a good one. I don't.

Do any of you guys have experience with custom double-pane Low e windows?
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Why does he need custom if it's new construction??
Why does he need custom if it's new construction??
Custom design......funky sizing? haven't really started the design process with him. That was the first question he asked me when he called to see if I would help him design and build it.
Pretty much every manufacturer regardless of material does custom sizes these days. Marvin is great in wood, and there are a good handful of vinyl and fiberglass products as well.
If you want to spend more on the windows than the rest of the house, there's always

Better to stick with custom sizes from the big guys. You can find small shops for vinyl windows that do a great job at a great price, but you really have to get to know them to make sure what you get will last and that they'll stand behind them. Some of the lumber yards around here also market a "builder" line under their own name - these tend to be relatively inexpensive but OK quality.
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