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Custom ver Manufacture

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Okay for the custom guys who "fab" their cabinets have you ever bid a job against someone who supplys "factory" and if so how do you fair price wise. The reason I ask I bid a job and was 7000.00 over a custom guy BUT .08 above my cost on the product and VERY comp on install. I have never in 5 years been beat out buy shop built cabinet so Im just wondering. Just a fyi it was apples to apples the whole way.
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There is a chance that he screwed up and its a one time deal.

there are shops that are willing to lose a little bit of money on a job because they are tied of losing a lot with out any work. Crazy as a loon if ya ask me.

They will be hosting an auction in their shop sometime soon. I'm hoping they have a new Brandt edge bander that we can take off their hands for them.:whistling

That is a shocking feeling when ya hear you are that far from the low number though isn't it?:laughing:
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