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Custom ver Manufacture

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Okay for the custom guys who "fab" their cabinets have you ever bid a job against someone who supplys "factory" and if so how do you fair price wise. The reason I ask I bid a job and was 7000.00 over a custom guy BUT .08 above my cost on the product and VERY comp on install. I have never in 5 years been beat out buy shop built cabinet so Im just wondering. Just a fyi it was apples to apples the whole way.
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If it is a guy building out of his garage its common, but a real shop with employees and shop-showroom?
You can sell yourself with consistent and reliable delivery and finishes, something most smaller guys can't deliver
I have been selling in East TN, North Ga and North Al, we sell five lines of cabinets and this is the first I have "Known" that we were beat out by a "shop" and it made me wonder. From my GC days the custom guys were ALWAYS more than my boxs guys, but what do I know :)
Either you are being bluffed or you are competing against a hack.

Can you get the specs on the "custom" cabs? How thick are the face frames, what types of doors and drawers, good hinges and slides, all wood or not, hardware included, rollouts included, warranty, stain & topcoat vs. paint, etc.

In cabinetry, I have found it is almost impossible to go apples to apples. Everyone is a little different.

The custom shops are usually higher, but worth it if you are offering installation too. (no filler strips etc. you know the drill)
There are so many price points and so many tricks in cabinets.

What are you comparing, what were the specs you were pricing and what did the low bidder supply?

I can usually beat the Kraftmaid prices by a fuzz but there are cheaper cabinets that are too cheeze ball and I can't stand making crap like that.

You can't win them all but you can price at big box Kmaid level and make money if you know the business
All fames frames are 3/4 maple (BOTH)
all soft close drawer(both) boxes
maple dove tail drawer(both)
1/2" ply (them) 5/8 partical(us except my sink base is all ply)
shaker style door(both)
6way adjustable hinge(both)
speciality pull outs(both) installation(both)
Painted finish(both)two coats clear(both) glaze(us)

Like I said I dont know its just there is 18 cabinets with TONS of drawers, tons of trim, lots of extras and they are 7000's cheaper and we have ONE of the best prices in town if not the best, dammit I hope this guy dont move in to my area LMAO
There is a chance that he screwed up and its a one time deal.

there are shops that are willing to lose a little bit of money on a job because they are tied of losing a lot with out any work. Crazy as a loon if ya ask me.

They will be hosting an auction in their shop sometime soon. I'm hoping they have a new Brandt edge bander that we can take off their hands for them.:whistling

That is a shocking feeling when ya hear you are that far from the low number though isn't it?:laughing:
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