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Custom Home Design Process

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Hi All!

We recently wrote an article that lays out a brief description of our design process for custom homes that covers topics from designing to view corridors to picking color temperatures on light bulbs. The article can be found here. For all of you who design homes for clients, I am curious about your design process steps... like do you sketch the front elevation first (like some Architects I work with) or do you go straight for the layout first and build the design elements around the layout? Thanks in advance!

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Form follows function. Layout first.
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Is this a stealth marketing post?

The thread title leads me to recommend a simple book that covers the build process well enough that I used it twice.
I have the blue cover and green covered versions......they helped me see beyond my limited direct experience.

As far as design goes..........I've seen plenty of bad I try to NOT create bad plans.
I'm not "creative" like an interior designer. Fabrics and colors are someone else's gig.

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Yeah Sorry, not spam! I am interested in other people's processes and approach to home design.
First intro or back story. Ya gotta give then you get.
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