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Custom Framed Shower Enclosure - Prep advice

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Hello all,

I am installing a 2nd bathroom in the upstairs MBR and am making a few changes to my custom shower enclosure after looking over some things & now that I have stumbled across the Kerdi system I have come here for some advice on how to do the final framing prep etc...

We have a Cape with our MBR being the 2nd floor (finished attic) so I have basically crammed this bathroom in as best I could without it feeling completely cramped (we shall see).

A few things I have come here for advice on....(pics below for reference, the scrap wood is on the floor so nobody puts a foot through my living room ceiling below as I have not repaired the subfloor since the plumbing was done)

I will be installing a 14" deep bench seat on the wall under the angled roof, the base area will remain the same size, the upper part of the wall is moving back. What is the common height of the top of the seat framing off the subfloor? Prior to shower pan, prep etc..) and should I use plywood or cement board on top?

As of now the inside of the floor of the shower enclosure is roughly 42" x 34.25" but I have run into an issue with the outside corner of the enclosure only being about 21" from the corner of where my vanity will be (look at the ceiling to see rough outside corner) I was originally going to do the entire outside walls in glass but because of clearance issues I am rethinking things a bit.....

What I would like to do now is frame a wall between the toilet and shower, 45 the outside corner a bit (knock off about 9" in each direction to get at least 24" clearance between corner of vanity & outside corner of shower)

By doing this it leaves me with roughly 28" from the side wall to the beginning of the 45 of the outside corner, I know this is a ceramic tile forum but can anyone comment on if this is enough of a rough opening for a frameless glass door?

Also looking for any tips as to how to do the final prep, framing tips and tricks, best way to prep sub floor prior to shower pan, how to frame the rough opening for the frameless door, should I put a stud flat on the wall where the door is going to be as a threshold or can the shower wall come straight across outside the shower pan area on the wall between the bath and bedroom?

Final question.....

Would you use a kerdi system here or old school mortar bed & cement board walls? (The drain is slightly off center due to existing framing, so the Kerdi base would have to be modified a bit)

I could ramble forever but I'll stop here for now, sorry if I confused anyone or over complicate things here....