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This is going to be a hinged fire place grill/surround combo.

Mostly 16 ga. sheet. with some other odd stuff thrown in to jazz it up.
The grille is a funky angular sort of random pattern and will be 1/4 and or 3/8 inch round bar.

The fireplace is a direct vent gas with a glass front that slides out from the top of the face. Luckily than means all my stuff has to do is swing out of the way so the glass can be removed for service.

So if you were standing in front of the fire this thing is raised 1-1/4" off the wall by the sides, it will be hinged on the left and have magnetic latches on the right. When its closed the latches and hinges will be hidden so it will look like it's permanently fixed to the wall.

width- 42" inside, 58" outside
height 32-1/2 " inside, 48-1/2" outside
Edges broke to 1-1/4" @ 90*
Will be painted flat black.

Cut cut cut

Bend bend bend. How do you like my poor mans metal brake. Grind a little relief cut on the back flip, line up with the edges of the table and bend away. Take your time keep it even, then check it with a square when you're done.

Here's what I cut it out with, worked great and gave a nice clean edge with minimal deburring necessary.

Framed the inner lip with 1/4" x 1" h.r. flat bar and rolled the sheet around to give a nice clean edge. Surprisingly, one added benefit of hammering this stuff for almost 2-1/2 hours straight is that it really reduced any pent up frustration I've been carrying around.

I think I can get along pretty good seeing as I am no tin bender and have no shear or brake to make this real simple. Like everything else I do, I'll figure out a poor boy way of doing it if possible.

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I got a little more done today. All the edges are leveled and smoothed. Had to do a little tweaking to get it laying nice and flat.

Wall Room Wood Floor Furniture

Now it's ready for layout of the grill. It'll be made from 3/8" hot rolled solid round bar.

Floor Tile Flooring Marble Room

I emailed a couple of these shots to the home owners to get their approval of the grill pattern, hopefully.

Floor Tile Flooring

While I'm waiting on their ok or no-k I'll begin to figure out the hinges and latches and brackets. The latches will be magnetic but I may a a little tab/bracket gizmo that actually gives the latch side something to rest on while the magnets hold it closed. All of the hinge/latch/bracket parts will be hidden behind the sheetmetal so it'll look like it's fixed permanently to the wall. It will float about 14" off the floor to the bottom edge.

I would have gotten more done but I spent some time working on a rfp from a local builder for 200 l/ft of handrails.:thumbsup:

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Got some more done. I had to redesign the grill to be organic and twig-like. HO's loved version

Redesigned grill.

Figuring out the pieces parts.

Cut the bar and laid it in order to start bending. One of my friend/peer/coworkers makes joke about me "super analyzing" my work. I'll give him that, but after having worked for one guy who screwed up almost every job I got very tired of building every project 3 times. So I do try to take a little more time during the math-a-lysing and layout.

I love my bender. I don't care who you are, for versatility there's none better then the Hossfeld no. 2

Once I got to bending pieces it went pretty quick.

All tacked up. I took it out to weld and grind so it wouldn't get the sheet metal all messy.

About got her licked at this point.

A little clean up and finish the hinges next.

Since this one is being used for a direct vent gas log fireplace with a glass front it wont get any screen. It'll get painted flat black with semi-gloss black trim. I'm sitting pretty today, schedule wise, since the sheet rock just started going on the walls today. They'll be done in about a week, I'll be waiting for them.

Nice thing about that is it'll give me time to knock out a 1/2 story fire escape stair that needs to be done and delivered around Dec. 1st.


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Well I am now officially waiting on the GC's sheet rock guys to finish up and I can go install this one.

Here's a shot of the hidden hinge set up. The wall side bracket slips off the surround to make it easy to install. I'll make a template before installation then just line up the template with the fireplace, install the wall brackets, and hang the surround. It will "float" off the wall leaving 5/8" gap.
Bumper Automotive exterior Floor

Sprayed the whole thing flat black, then taped off the sheet metal, leaving just the bolt heads, joints and grill to get covered in satin clear to give it a little contrast. (Yeah I know newspaper is totally hack for masking, but I left the roll of masking paper at home and didn't feel like going all the way back to get it.)
Table Technology Tile Automotive exterior Window

There it is, now I've got to find a place to set it out of the way so I don't scratch it all to h***.
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You really are an iron man aren't you? Really like the poor boy method of getting the surround done, you do what you gotta do!

Surround looks great!
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Let us, for just a Moment, put aside the fact of your Work and Craftsmanship.

Your Step-By-Step Process Photos are Unparalleled! A BEAUTIFUL and SIMPLE Class was given by you concerning this Project!

Thank You! (and be sure that your competition does NOT learn too much from you. DELETE your "New Sub-Work" comments! No need to get others on your arse in an attempt to steal your accounts from you! "Who" you do Business with is NO ONES Business but YOURS!)
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