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Curved exterior rails

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Finished these today. Gotta love Azek for curved work. Property Home House Balcony Building
Property Siding Home Building House
Property Home Handrail Real estate Wall
Property Handrail Real estate Baluster Home
Tile Property Floor Product Home

Architecture Stairs Handrail Building
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Very nice work! Did you use heat for bending?
No heat. The bottom rail was made using three segments of 5/4 x 12, then I cut the arch. All the other pieces bent no problem.
Those curved rails look really good Marc! :clap:
I think it gives an exterior a very classy look for sure. :thumbup:
The top rail is three segments too.
Even the railings?
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Looks good man just a nice slow curve nothing to sharp.

Looks pure class!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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