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Cummins Industrial Tools

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Anyone familiar with this company? They sell a bunch of reman stuff. plus they are soup to nuts. They will be there for one day only, does that establish integrety?
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Yeah, they send you a note when they're going to show up in your area for a one day sale. They're OK. Good prices.
I'm just looking for some cheap weedeater engines for R/C boats and planes.
Probably, like lawn mowers, there are only a few manufacturers that supply engines for countless retailers.

Sounds like a lot of fun. Don't you fly general aviation too?
Teetorbilt said:
I'm just looking for some cheap weedeater engines for R/C boats and planes.
I used to own a Lake amphibian and still fly when I get the urge. I borrow planes from friends, much cheaper than owning. I have a good sized boat so it all works out.
I like people who know how to have fun.

I haven't been active in aviation for 4 or 5 years. I flew a C-172. I just LOVE night flying alone in instrument conditions. I really don't know why but I truly love it. I guess I just like to hear the engine run more than anything else. Hours of being alone and hearing that engine purr away just soothes my mind. I have survived 2 dead stick landings, and a flight through a large maple tree at the end of a short grass strip on a hot day. I love that as well. There is just something about struggling desperately for your life that is so relaxing. LOL. It's got to be from our beginings, millions of years ago. If I don't have to fight for my life once in a while, I feel like I'm already dead.

I also like skydiving. I just love to see the whole planet rushing up to meet me at opening time. I have 169 jumps, 3 malfunctions, no injuries. I like to get out low and free fall for as long as possible. Malfunctions are a real rush, and are fun beyond description.

When I was young, I road raced motorcycles at Laconia, Thompson Ct., and Bridgehampton, Long Island. I really miss it, but I don't miss the broken bones...
My only crash was when I was coming into Marathon. Got the Port and nose gear down and popped a hydraulic line, nothing going down and nothing coming back up. The nose wheel is a caster (no steering) and I was a little concerned with what was going to happen when it went on an angle. The plane rotates at 36 kts. and I had about 20 on the nose so I wasn't looking at anything high speed. I waited for the fire trucks and set her down.
I forgot about the wing float! It was nearly as good as a wheel, just had to touch the pt. brake a little to keep things going straight. Total cost of crash, repairs and inspection.....$140.00. Not too shabby.

I was supposed to go skydiving once and my next door neighbor hammered in 2 wks before I was to go. 6th death at Indiantown. I was the second one to find him, crashed through an orange tree and broke a 3 in. branch. Kinda cooled my jets on that sport.
Ugly scene. I lost a couple of friends, and saw many more injured. Thought maybe I might taper off for a while and do some thinking...

An ordinary person would think that this is only prudent, but a real jumper knows that it's just ball-itis.
I'm designing a boat to break the piston engine speed record and fine tuning the design with scale models, that is one reason for the weedeater engines.
I have also been working on an organic design amphibious aircraft. I have been a big fan of Burt Rutan for a long time. When I get this thing airborn he'll probably think that it's pretty cool too. I plan to send him some video.
Rutan. What an amazing human being. Not just the knowledge or the ideas, but also making it all happen for real. A tremendous track record of successes. Most people don't even know who he is (but they know all about OJ Simpson, and Scott Peterson).

LOL. Who is going to pilot these two scary beasts, and what does your wife think about THAT?
We had a guy fly a VariEze into some wires a few years ago and there was no visual structural damage, not much pilot damage either. The guy was in his 60's and walked away after they got him down. Amazing!

I've had the need for speed since I was a tyke. I used to race in C and E class boats, was #2 in the state in the old 200cc motocross class, built and raced drag bikes, was a throttleman in offshore racing, and a bunch of other crazy stuff. My bass boat did 96 mph. So who do you think is going to pilot these things?
Mother-in-law? You could work the throttle by remote control from shore. Please send a video. A cockpit camera with a close-up view of her face would be good too.

LOL. Is it a two-seater? Hey Ma, want to go to Florida? I've got a friend with a boat down there, and you could spend a little time with someone your own age...
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