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I am a California Licensed Contractor and struggling with CSLB to renew my license. I have license since 2011 under a DBA name (DBA name is different from Legal Name). This year when my renewal application came I set on it for longer then I should have and I sent it in late. So as consequence I ended up paying more fees. But the trouble is that now CSLB sent me a letter saying my Legal Name on Secretary of State web site does not match my business name and I need to provide documentation stating correct business name and also need to change Bonds and Worker's Comp exemption under "new name" which is Legal Name. I do not want to change every thing to Legal Name. Mean while when I am going thru all this a home owner is waiting for me to sign a contract and start work. How can I get out of this mess fastest possible and what are my options?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you all.

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The name as filed with the Sect of State must match what is on the contractors license. You'll either have to change the name of the corp with the Sect of State, or change the name on the license to match the Sect of State.

The same for your workers comp and bond. Everything must be the same.

So which is easier? Change the name with the Sect of State so that it matches the license, bond, workers comp?


Change the name of the license, bond, workers comp to match the Sect of State?

There is no short cut to either option. But would be a headache, but changing the corp name with the Sect of State might be the most expensive. Especially if you want it done sooner rather than later.
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