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My company just launched 2 new websites for contractors in Raleigh Durham NC, and Dallas, Texas.

The websites are used to find and hire contractors and subcontractors.

It works similar to an ebay auction but for services... say you are the General Contractor and need to hire a plumber for a project with specific start and finish dates. With the website you input the exact details of your project including all your expectations and start and finish date and time...

If your subcontracted plumber comes in over budget, or late on finishing the project you rate them as less that perfect on a 10 point scale.

You may be aware of similar sites like operating in the UK.

If you operate a contracting business in another market and would like to become a strategic partner please contact us and lets start the process.

We are happy to be an American owned and operated company providing the service here in our pilot cities Dallas and Raleigh.

To your continued success in 2010!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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