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Three friends sold a big commercial carpet job and drove to Greenville NC to kick it in.

It was more money then they were acustom to so when they got back it was party time.

All three were drunk as hell before 6 oclock and decided to head home.

Taking a left a block from the house steve decided to floor it in order to avoid on comming traffic. The weight of the van, the lack of power steering and the sudden exeleration caused the wheels to push to far left and the van went crashing into the glass front of a flower shop.

After the debri stoped falling on the van (the roof of the flower shop) and the sudden shock of what happened wore off, Steve thought he should get the hell out of there. He slamed the truck in reverse and backed out of the flower shop, slamed it in drive and nailed the gass.

Little did steve know but the curb had broken the steering, they all three crashed into the flower shop glass front one more time, just a little further down.

People ran out the back of the flower shop screaming "He's trying to kill us!"

Bob :Thumbs:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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