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Creative Lead - Replicate Photograph

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I have an opportunity to recreate a poolside fireplace for a professor. I am trained in Carpentry with little experience in masonry. This project requires elements of both disciplines. I am most weary about the legal requirements for a safe fireplace. I am also wondering if a stone veneer can be installed to look like the stone in the photograph as I think that would be easier, less expensive and not have me experimenting too much with the masonry. Thanks. Young Toronto Carpenter.

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Thank you. I had no idea about the policy.
I'm in Almonte, 15mins N of Carleton Place which is on hwy 7. What towns were you in...heck of a drive if you ended up anywhere near here.
That's amazing. I live in Toronto but first learned to work with wood in Tatlock just outside of Almonte the birthplace of basketball. As for the fireplace pergola it will potentially be going up in Dundas ON near Hamilton a very rural town however the lot is in a subdivision quite a bit smaller than 2 acres.
Names Tony Barber and I was associated with the Shane's out there. Was living in the Bush on Darling Rd. I had a good thing going there with a few farmers and a music producer who I'd chop and stack wood for. Framed an addition or two. There were always odd jobs but my experience came at home where we built a small log home and renovated a big old barn to look like a swanky downtown condo. The upstairs was turned into a screenprinting workshop. We also did a nice stone walkway there and took down cedars for log homes in the area. It was great. Now I'm back in Toronto starting a new trade, masonry, and hoping to combine the two for a livin.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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