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Creating communities / relationships.

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I've been thinking hard about how to best create lasting relationships with customers. Recently I had dinner with a friend who seems to read endless blogs about marketing. My friend started talking about building a community around our brand. My initial reaction was it seems impossible to create communities around a roofing company or custom home builder. So I started looking into his ideas and reading up on inbound marketing. What do you guys think about building these communities around your brand and how do you market to existing customers in such a way to foster relationships that are lasting. While we do repeat business for some of our customers I feel we are loosing lots of opportunity with our roofing customers because we rarely ever hear from them again after we finish the job and get paid. Any ideas and insight is greatly appreciated.
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I keep running into that problem of being a very private person. I was always curious if the tactics of supporting local schools was of any use. We once bought a billboard on the highschools baseball field, they didn't get around to putting it up till the end of the year. I think a mix of offline and online community building might be a good idea in this case. Maybe something like creating content around an idea like how to build a deck. Write a blog about, hold an offline class on it somewhere and make a video about the class. Maybe those in the class share it on twitter and google+. This could create both a community and content. Im not sure how many classes I could possibly do though. Maybe team up with a local box store to provide these classes and upgrades to the elderly or veterans?
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greg24k said:
If you in a roofing business that is a good thing that after the job you don't hear from them again. You should be happy about that. If you want to hear back from them leave a hole in the roof and you will hear it again. o.
As I was writing that I thought I suppose that's somehow a good thing. I would however like to stay engaged with that homeowner. If a homeowner is willing to spend thousands on a new roof, perhaps they are willing to add a room or finish a basement. Or better yet maybe that homeowner liked our roof, then finished basement and decide they would like a custom home one day. Right now our roof customers hire us and rarely call back.
blacktop said:
The interweb will never touch word of mouth.
I tend to disagree but neither is mutually exclusive of the other.
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