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We have just completed the excavation portion of a basement excavation and remodel project.

Our client has asked us to drop the floor of his existing unfinished full basement area by about a foot and bring the crawl side of the basement into line with that.

Once completed, he will have added close to a 1,000 sq ft with a new egress window, bed room, bathroom, laundry, mechanical, bar and living space, and radiant in the floor.

The structural work is completed in phases. Engineering called for 18lb/foot steel C Channel to be scabbed onto either side of the original center bearing beam, rebuilt posts under the new super beam and super sized footings under the super sized posts (engineering in seismic land), and an 8" wall and 6' wide footing in front of the old chimney.

The new perimeter walls are poured just inbound of the old walls in 5' to 8' wide wall and footing sections. The walls have a corbel at the top tucked under the old foundation walls. The footings are as usual massive, 3' or 3' 9" wide and 10" deep.

More photos on the basement page of our web site.



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