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i have some very careless operators who insist on tracking over an open trench. the trench then collapses and does a ton of sheet metal damage to the machines. i have attached a list of parts that are damaged.

does anyone have some good advice on how to make these repairs? where to get the parts?



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I think the first order of business would be to relieve an operator or two of (what must be), the very stressful job of tearing up your equipment.

I understand that things happen but that list is quite a bit of damage. Mirrors...I can see that you might get one hit now and then, but some of the other stuff, WOW.

Short of going to the dealer and paying a fortune for all those parts, I would check out publications like Rock and Dirt,
Or Construction Equipment Guide

And see if you can find some after market parts or someone parting out some old units.

Good luck, and crack the whip on those guys.
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