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Hi guys,

I went back to the job I had done 2 months ago. I saw cracks between walls and ceilings in few spots. I thinned the mud little bit for my “better then ever tools “and “super taper”. No cracks over windows or doors (no drywall joints over doors and windows). Framing was done in the summer (New England height humidity) and I taped right after. I did talk to sale rep from all-wall and he told me that is movement in the framing, humidity, new construction etc. I asked him if maybe I thinned the mud too much. He said no. What you guys think? How to talk to the customer if the cracks are not my fault?
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Sell crown molding.

I am not an expert in sheetrock. But my first guess (without the facts) is truss lift.

And wash your brew containers between uses. :>)

Good Luck
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