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Cracked Walls

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Two years ago, I built a sunroom addition on a house. The floor joists are above ground and supported by a ledger board attached to the house and a beam which is supported by 3 metal posts with helical plates drilled six feet into the ground. Every winter there appears a 1/4" vertical crack in the wall above the sliding patio doors running up to the ceiling. The crack closes in the summer.

I'm pretty sure the foundation is not moving so I am wondering if there is just some movement in the wall where the patio doors are that is causing the crack to open. Could it be expansion and contraction of the wall frame doing this? Its a shed style roof and the crack appears on the side wall above where the patio door is.

Any ideas on either a cause or a solution?
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Hello, i think you will talk to a genesis engineer he solved your problem.
Solution - Install crown molding.

Is the roof made from trusses? If yes, that is your issue. Not much you can do about it. There are building techniques to minimize this problem.
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