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Had a topic come up on another forum pertaining to an 8" OWWM Rockwell jointer that had a slight fatigue fracture running along the cutter head and he was wondering if he should use it. I was a little shocked that he was contemplating the possibility of using it considering the condition.

We are all good folk over at OWWM and can understand his questioning. Most of the members ,for the most part,try to keep their OWWM original but there is a point when you have to draw the line.

He's probably going to turn into to several paper weights after we injected our unanimous opinions about the cutter head.-scrap.


One post by another member brought up a tragedy that happened relating to stress fractures in machined parts with mass. It had to do with the aviation industry- turbines . It was being used as an example of what stress fractures can develop into and unfortunately in this case somehow it got overlooked and "many" people lost there lives. A jointer head that fails won't kill many people but will possibly maim or kill the operator. So I found a series on this tragedy he had mentioned pertaining to stress fractures through his link and I found this documentary pertaining/related to his post. Flight 232 - Turbine fatigue crack engine# 2 . It is sad at times ,but very well done......

Part 1)
Part 2)
Part 3)
Part 4)
Part 5)
Part 6)

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