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Cracked Brick Kneewall Planter

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I want to repair a brick kneewall planter.
I could simply remove the broken bricks; install new brick; scrape and powerwash the whole thing; seal it; and repaint it white to match the rest of the brick house.

However, I want to figure out other options that might be easier and more permanent that I might not know about - perhaps using some kind of molding materials to fill in and create faux brick to blend in with the real thing?

This is a planter and, now that deterioration has developed to this point sooner than later, the water is again going to spall and break and crumble the brick.

How can I make it last longer by sealing it; making it virtually waterproof; and match the brickwork to the rest of the house without doing the above brick replacement process?
I am contemplating making a mold of one section of the wall and using some kind of bondo expoxy to rebuild the cracked sections - and then scrape; wash; seal; and paint?

Is there new tech on how I could do this of which I am not aware?


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IMHO,that planter is a candidate for a tear down,not a repair. Since it is painted,the match would be a stroll in the park. I do think a white wash with lime would be a better bet. The paint is PART of the reason it failed.

This may shed some light on your questions.......
That planter is all done.

I would advise a new wall with a rock edge bluestone top then set flower pots on it. It will last 50 years like that, or more.
Rebuild, possibly that wall in the back ground too, and the cracked steps.
2 cents.
Looks like someone already tried the "molding something to look like brick" trick at the bottom left. Didn't fare out any better. It needs to be lined or live with rebuilding it every 20 years or so
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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