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Covering concrete step down transition

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Hello! I'm a relatively inexperienced craftsman working for a non profit disaster relief/remodeling organization in Florida and I need help.
This room transition is roughly a 4" step down (I don't have the exact dimension, sorry!) and the home owner wants it to blend with the rest of the vinyl plank she's having us put down throughout her home. She supplied us with an 8 ft piece of bull nose stair edge, but I'm concerned about it lasting over time because it isn't horribly flexible and that it will create a trip hazard. How would a pro approach covering this step?
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I would rip pieces of flooring through the table saw down to the rise of that little stair, then glue the rip strips to the rise. Clamp them in place with some heavy boxes of flooring overnight. That takes care of the vertical.

I would scribe the upper layer of flooring to match the curve of the "step". Then all you have to do is come up with something to cover the very tight seam between the rise and the run. Depending on the situation, I might experiment with epoxying down an inch wide strip of pine lattice or something along those lines. I'd have to play with it. I have also had some success with rubberized moldings that I've ordered off Amazon in the past.
”non profit disaster relief/remodeling organization”

Sounds almost like volunteer work. Church mission work. Does the HO need the transition for mobility reasons, or she just wants it? I would use a 2x6, taper it, and block up the edge against the step as needed to make it flush.
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