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Couple of bargain houses for sale!

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This one looks like a good investment! Click the link for more pictures.

You will have to scroll halfway down the page, (which is a journey unto itself!)


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And this one looks promising too!

Scroll 3/4 down for pics of inside.


Believe it or not, I have seen much worse! (Usually left behind by evicted tenants, or on forclosures)
Went out to look at one, the owner had let a family move in and in exchange for a break on rent, they did 2,000 sq. ft of tile work.
All left over thin set and grout was flushed down every toilet in the house. needless to say, the plumbing backed up.
The (renters) left when even they could no longer stand the stench.:sad:
OMG. That website is so depressing. I've heard of people pouring bags of concrete down the drains to "get back" at the bank foreclosing on their home, but to see the deterioration in those photos is just sad.
some poeple do not deserve to own a home or even rent one:mad:
Around here, $50,000 is high asking price right now with all the foreclosures.
We don't have the highest unemployment rate in the country for nothing. I think downtown Muskegon you can get two for that price. In Flint I think you just move in, start living the dream that day. :w00t:
Around here, $50,000 is high asking price right now with all the foreclosures.

I have been hesitant to purchase another house. The market fell just after I purched two houses. How much more will it fall? All the work I put into them was lost.
Just to give you guys an understanding of building prices at auction right now. These listings all sold yesterday in my area:
Parcel #4 - 10230 Holly Rd. Grand Blanc, MI. Building square footage – 329,898 sq. ft. (24,700 office sq. ft.), Lot size – 44.34 acres, Built in 1987-88, Zoned I – 1, Less than I mile from I 75 expressway. Other details – parking for 350 cars, (8) restrooms, ceilings from 14’ to 34’, (2) 30 ton crane rails, air conditioned offices, (14) truck docks, (2) grade height doors. Appraised/Listed price $4,950,000, Auction price – ??? Open House Dates: Oct. 21 - 2 pm - 4 pm, October 29 - 2 pm - 4 pm, November 10 (Auction Day) - Noon to 2 pm.

SOLD:</SPAN> $450,000.00

Parcel #1 35135 Groesbeck Hwy, Clinton Twp, MI. Building sq. footage - 125,684 total sq. ft (6,000 office sq. ft.), 6.85 Acres, Zoned 1-2. Other details - between McDonalds and Wendy's on Groesbeck Hwy, traffic count of over 20,000 per day, 4 miles from I-696 expressway, air conditioned offices, (2) cranes 15 ton and 20 ton, (4) truck docks, (3) grade height doors, 12' to 28' ceilings, buss electric, super building with ample parking. Appraised/listed price $3,770,000. Auction price ??? Open House Dates: October 14 - 9 am to Noon, October 29 - 9 am to Noon and November 10 (Auction Day) - 4 pm - 6 pm.

SOLD:</SPAN> $225,000.00

Parcel #5 - 29 Superior, Hillsdale, MI. Building square forage – 129,310 sq. ft. (9585 office sq. ft.), Lot size – 14.21 acres, Zoned Industrial. Other details – property includes House at 267 E. Bacon St., (3) cranes -35 ton and (2) 10 ton, (6) restrooms, (9) truck wells, (6) grade height doors, air conditioning in offices, 440/480 power (buss), ceiling from 14’ to 28’. Appraised/Listed price $1,070,000, Auction price - ??? Open House Dates: October 14 - Noon to 2 pm, October 29, Noon to 2 pm, November 10 (Auction Day) - noon to 6 pm.

SOLD:</SPAN> $50,000.00
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