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I was wondering what the average cost per square foot of floor space was to paint a new construction custom home with custom colors and with only one color. I'm thinking somewhere around $2.25 per square foot for one color and $2.75 for custom colors. I am in Central New York... am I close with price?
First, welcome to the forum. Now take yourself up to the intro section and introduce yourself.

To answer your question, and I am tempted to give my standard tree-fiddy response, take and figure it out based on your costs of doing business. The problem is we have no idea how much your overhead and cost are.
When you have a handle on costs , ad in the profit.

If you want help, there are several companies that can help. RS Means or Craftsman books are good to start with.

I only gave you a break and gave you any answer is because of where you live. Howdy neighbor!
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