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The SW proclassic waterbourne sticks like glue and looks just awesome sprayed. Don't put it on heavy...put it on so it looks orange will level out and look great.

For prep over oil we use a medium sanding sponge...jut slide over it quick, then wipe down with no rise TSP...and spray.

Brushing is a little tougher, put it on fairly thick and the brushstrokes will melt away, only catch is I've found that brushing that second coat tends to run pretty easy unless you wait 24 hours between coats. Spraying you can spray 2 coats in one day, just make that 2nd coat a little lighter than the first.

As far as stain blocking I haven't found any that work better than BIN, so I'll stick with that for now, as much as I hate it. Avoid SW's Preprite works great but you'll die just opening the can unless you have a fresh air suit.

Welcome to the world of waterbournes...once you are over the learning curve you'll wished you had switched sooner.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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