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I'm thinking about loaded up all my tools in my truck and heading down south and working the rest of the year out. My work in NJ is drying up and it seems like i could do pretty well in one of those states hit hard. My only question is contrator licenses. How strict is it in those states? I do not want to go down their and get arrested. Does anyone know that laws?


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To do construction work in Louisiana you need to be licensed by the State Licensing Board for Contractors.

Contractors usually have to post a bond equal to 5% of the contract price for any lump sum or cost-plus contract. The minimum bond amount is $1,000.

A Residential Building Contractor's license is required for residences three stories or less in height if the cost of the project is more than $50,000.

You'll need to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the Secretary of State.

If you want to do plumbing, asbestos abatement, or underground tank installation, you will also need a license from other agencies. You'll find more information on these particular trades after the discussion of licensing by the State Licensing Board. To apply to the Board, contact:
State of Louisiana
State Licensing Board for Contractors
P.O. Box 14419
Baton Rouge, LA 70898-4419
(225) 765-2301
(800) 256-1392


The state of Alabama requires any general contractor working on a commercial or industrial project costing $50,000 or more to get a license. If you're the general contractor on a residential project that costs $10,000 or more, you need a license.

Residential General Contractor's License

If you want to bid and work on residential projects, you need to be licensed by a different agency. It's called the:
Homebuilders Licensure Board
400 South Union Street, Suite 195
Montgomery, AL 36130-3605
(334) 242-2230
Fax: (334) 263-1397

You can get an application package from the board for $25.

When you apply to this Board you must provide:

* a check payable to the Holloway Credit Bureau Company for a credit report ($35)

To get the residential contractor's license, you have to pass a five-hour exam given by PSI Examination Services. For information on the exam, contact:


A certificate or license is required for all except the smallest construction and remodeling projects.

To get an application, contact:
Mississippi Contractor Licensing Board
215 Woodline Drive, Suite B
Jackson, MS 39208
(601) 354-6161

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The rules WILL change, they did it here. Once the actual catastrophe is cleared up and it is time for contractors to begin rebuilding, they will have all sorts of new licenses.

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On my driving around today, I must have seen at least 300 bucket trucks of all vintages heading south on the interstate. Some were pulling campers and bunk trailers. The lineman message boards pretty much say that if you're looking for work, hang out at any major interstate truckstop heading south, and you can tag along with the convoys. Apparently, in the electrical and phone line work, many of these companies are heading south purely on spec. With Florida as a precedent, I'm sure that they will be put to work once they get there.

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Bear in mind that it'll take some time before much of the repair work is ready to be done. The area needs to be stabilized, the insurance companies have to do their thing, permits issued, etc. There are still houses in Florida with tarped roofs- some because they can't get a contractor there, and some because the paperwork isn't done.

If you go down now, plan on doing a lot of boarding up, tarping, etc.- it might be a while before the actual rebuilding starts.

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I just wanted to throw in a couple more...

Louisiana requires a license for Landscape Contractors and now a "brand spankin' new one" for Irrigation Contractors.

:thumbdown The irrigation contractor license got sprung on those of us licensed landscape contractors without the first "hint" the Louisiana Horticulture Commission was talking about it.

Seems a landscape contractor wanted to WHINE to the La. Speaker of the House whild doing some work for him.

" Not to fear "..stated the Speaker and thus was born a 100% increase in my licensing fee if I wished to continue to do what I've been doing for years.

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