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Contractual issues

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I have ran upon a snag on one of my jobs. The lady has two cats. I told her when I started that the cats would need to be kept in a room while I was doing the work. I further explained to her that if I were to come to the job and the cats were not locked up I would charge a $150.00 rescheaduling fee( very elusive these cats).

So, I'm doing some book cases in her den, staining, sealing, finishing. I'm working on the bottom cabinet doors applying urethene when voila here come the cats screaming down the LR one runs square into my bucket of urethene and gets it all over her :eek: . I'm chasing the cat around trying to at least wipe some off when Mrs. Catluver walks in, sees her cat and freaks, grabs the cat and off to the vet.

She denies having ever been told about the damn cats and wants me to foot the bill (we're in negotians) :rolleyes: Nothing that can't be handled.I now have a lengthy stipulation about animals on the job. But I have learned a valuable lesson on contracts. Mine is lacking terribly. Would some of you more seasoned paint contractors care to share some of the language you use on your contracts. It would be greatly appreciated.

Oh...she just had 5K worth of carpet installed in the LR good thing I was workin under a good cloth, eh? :Thumbs:
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don, hit me with your email, and I'll send one of mine over.
Tell her that sometimes exposure to urethane can cause a cat to vanish unexpectedly. :cheesygri
donb1959 said:
She denies having ever been told about the damn cats and wants me to foot the bill
There is a post in the recent archives that covers animals, kids, owners and other contractors.
One coat of primer, two coats of paint, the cat will be better than new.

Bob, you forgot to sand and tack afterwards.

Need good tooth for adhesion.
Hand the nut case a change order with your time for cleaning up, lost time repairing the mess they made and the cost of the ureathane. If you aren't done with the job yet, tell her to f-in pay it before you will continue and if she doesn't you are done and will be submitting a final bill for up to where you left off.

What can I say, I'm beat and I get fiesty when I'm worn out.

Here is a paragraph out of my "head's Up" paperwork I give to a client before a job starts.

Kids & Pets
There will be times when we will be going in and out of your house with doors propped open especially when bringing in materials and tools. During the winter the cold will be let in for short periods of time. It is important to make accommodations to keep pets safe so they don’t get out and run away. Children & pets have to be kept out of the work area for the duration of the project, there are lots of interesting tools to attract their attention but we don’t want them getting hurt.
Heres a clause

Kids and Pets
All Kids and Pets that dissrupt the project will be shot.

Somebody post a nice kids and pets contract verbage please - That could push my contract onto a forth page!
That was fast Bob, thanks, short and sweet I'll have my people put that in my contract- as soon as I get some people that is.
I think I posted mine before, but will post it again. I have been trying to sneak in Bob's part, about the shootin' and all, but can't seem to find the right place for it.

2. Due to insurance regulations and safety procedures, the customer, other contractors, workers, children, pets, and individuals will not enter the work area unless agreed upon by both the Contractor and the Customer. If other contractors, workers, children, pets, or individuals are to be present during the duration of the scope of work, the Customer shall not schedule or permit such activities that will interfere with or prevent the timely and successful completion of the work. The Contractor shall not be held liable for any damage caused to its work by anyone other than the Contractor and its employees. The Customer agrees to compensate the Contractor at the rate of $55.00 per man-hour to correct all such damage.
THAT'S the one that I swiped! Well done.
Shoot Teetor, you ought to see what I ask for on commercial gigs. :Thumbs:
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