Contractor Talk - Professional Construction and Remodeling Forum banner Turns 1 year old!

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Were excited to announce that September marks our one year anniversary at :Thumbs: . Originally named we set out to do something unique for the trades online!

Our goal is to provide a positive environment were all trades can share business and trade knowledge to help each other succeed. So far, I think we’ve done just that! The idea that marketing and business knowledge could be shared between trades was unique… but its working!

I want to thank all our members for the great participation and support you’ve given over the last year. With all the excitement and activity on the board recently, I know that were going to have many years ahead of building up each other and our businesses.

Thanks Guys! :D
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This site has helped me a lot. Happy anniversary to Contractor talk!

Happy anniversary and many more to come!
Thanks Florcraft (OUR FIRST MEMBER!) :Thumbs:
Nathan said:
Thanks Florcraft (OUR FIRST MEMBER!) :Thumbs:

Oh how proud I am !
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