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Contractors Having Problems Getting Paid From Homeowners?

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Well guys there is a site up for you to help you collect your debt and help you on futher jobs. I have ran a company that Rates Homeowners just for Contractors. And it has been a success. In columbus that is. Now I am expanding my company. This is totally legal. The BBB is self titled. Now in return we the contractors can Rate homeowners too. My contractors Rate them from excellent to very poor with the amount that was owed to the contractor. All you do is type in the homeowners name and you get the rating of the homeowner. If the homeowner owes you we have solved that too. We have postcards that you send them and when they get it they always pay. If you all search the internet you will find that companies love to report on contractors. I have said homeowners need to be Rated for years and now you can. I you want a free 30 day membership to try it then contact me. My site is [ or you can e-mail me at ] and I will set you up.

Kind Regards :Thumbs:
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Very good point Grumpy. Penny-wise, pound foolish.

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