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contractors dot com new pricing
in the past you bought a zip code. now you by households.
in the past you gave them 5000.00 dollars for them to hold
now just a 1000.00 dollars to hold
and the fees when you win were
"If you qualify for this program then guarantees your work with the homeowner and provides you with free leads. When you complete the work, you pay us 7.5% of the first $10,000 (max fee = $750)."
now they added 2% ON THE AMOUNT ABOVE THE 10,000 DOLLARS.
WHY DON'T THEY HIRE SOME EMPLOYEES AND DO THE WORK THEM SELF?:w00t: and make all the money!!!:clap:
and just a note: us contractors just eat peanut butter and jelly. cause that's all that's left!!!:laughing:

Free Leads Program

While members receive leads for free, there are some costs to participate in the Free Leads Program (we need to eat, too!).
Win Fees

All leads are sent to you for free, so there’s no risk to you. If you win the job, you pay us 7.5% of the first $10,000 and 2% on the contract amount above $10,000.
Territory Fee

The annual cost to reserve your territory is $1 for each 1,000 households in your selected territory (per trade). Territories are selected by zip/postal codes.
You reserve two trade categories (e.g. Siding and Windows) in a territory of 200,000 households.
(2 trades) X (200,000 households x $1/1,000) = $400 annual fee.
Note: Each trade/territory combination is available to only 3 contractors, who get every lead generated. So you compete with only 2 other contractors on any lead.
See available territories
Your territory fee also includes your company listing in the Directory, as well as all the directories we power, including:

  • and more.
Jobs you get from the directories are not subject to any win fees.
Refundable Deposit

A deposit of $1,000 is held against unpaid win fees and claims on our Contractor Performance Guarantee ( guarantees your work to the homeowner, up to $125,000). The deposit is fully refundable 6 months after you leave the program, provided your account is in good standing.
Directory Listing Only

If you choose not to participate in the Free Leads Program, but still want to appear in the directories, your fee is the same as the Territory Fee outlined above.
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