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contractor no show- you've heard it before

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ya, got a call last Friday, can you come out to bid on a 5k house (finishing) ok, today at 10. Get there 5 to the hour, no one there. eventally the landscape guys show up- they haven't seen the crew all morning.

electrician gang banger (20 something kid who's too dumb to buy a belt to hold up his pants) he "knows nuthin" I believe that.

called, left a message with secretary/voice mail. Sent a blackberry email. Waited till 11am, then bailed.

Freakin Jerk! I haven't sent him the proverbial "two word" letter yet, figured I'd calm down first.

three hours! if that's how they treat subs, I am declining to bid.

Maybe a bill for $50 bucks. I know it will never get paid but I'd feel better!
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So how's that calming down working? :laughing:

BTDT; goes with the territory. He most likely has a fairly legitimate excuse for the no-show, but it would have been nice if he'd at least let you know.

Give him a call, politely let him know that you were there and he wasn't, and hear him out. Then bite your tongue and agree to the new appointment time.

Yeah, it sucks, but it's a buyer's market these days. Hopefully you can pad your bid to make up for the lost time. If he does it again, I'd bill him--though as you say, not much chance you'll get anything.
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