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contractor no show- you've heard it before

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ya, got a call last Friday, can you come out to bid on a 5k house (finishing) ok, today at 10. Get there 5 to the hour, no one there. eventally the landscape guys show up- they haven't seen the crew all morning.

electrician gang banger (20 something kid who's too dumb to buy a belt to hold up his pants) he "knows nuthin" I believe that.

called, left a message with secretary/voice mail. Sent a blackberry email. Waited till 11am, then bailed.

Freakin Jerk! I haven't sent him the proverbial "two word" letter yet, figured I'd calm down first.

three hours! if that's how they treat subs, I am declining to bid.

Maybe a bill for $50 bucks. I know it will never get paid but I'd feel better!
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