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Contractor Installed Black&White Roof!

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We hired a lisc. bonded contractor to put a roof on our home.

The home is an 1800 square feet ranch home, plus has a two car garage. Is not steep.

His crew of 7 guys tore off two layers of roof, laid plywood, and laid new roof all in 11 hours. This seems like an awfully short time to do a good job. What do you think?

More important though, is the fac that our roof is not BLACK AND WHITE. The roofer put slate grey roofing on most of the house, which we picked from a catalog that he gave us. BUT he put this ugly white looking stuff on our patio, and the white stuff goes up along the roof a bit too. It makes our house look like a shack!

We contacted the contractor and asked why our roof is two colors. His response was that with the roofing material we picked that white was his onlin option.

We said, look you told us to pick a color. We picked slate grey. You NEVER told us that our roof would be slate grey and white! We told you at the start that the house was being reroofed so that we can sell it. And, we told you that we wanted the patio to look nice - not with any ugly rubber or unmatching roofing.

His answer was that the contract did not specify that our roof would be one color - so basically tough crap for us.

I think that he should either:
A) Make our roof all matching AND make sure that our 30 year warantee still stands per our contract.
B) Refund our money so that we can get another contractor to do the job right.

My Dad told me to call the contractors board.

What is your opinion on this. Is it reasonable for us as homeowners to expect one color roof? Does this guy have a leg to stand one? Is it reasonable for him to give us two different colors for our roof?
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Wine wine wine, I'm sorry, but it's a flat roof on a patio, I think your making a mountian out of a molehill. But if it "really" bothers you, just have him lay another color over the white. But I think you should negotiate the money. It cost to be too dam picky.

Ok.....lets hear it Grump. (gotjacked, the following posts will be Grumpy laying into me for my lack of customer relations)

For cryin out loud, the flat roof being white looks fine.

The way he steped down from shingle to rubber looks a little funky. But there is a possitive side to that also. It looks like it provides an excelent water channel from the valley.

I think your contractors biggest problem is he has no hands and has to calk with his feet!

AaronB. said:
Grumpy, you do, however, havr to go to court to get the judgement to lien.
Oh no you don't, AaronB......Trust me.

15.00 fileing fee is all it takes in Peoria, Tazwell, Greenville, Carlyle, St Clair, Effingham, Madison, Monroe and Mongomery countys. About every where else? I couldn't tell ya. Oh yea I forgot St Louis County Mo.......Wondering how I know this?.........Lets just say I'm the worm the tunnels up under the crap a high percentage of the time.

Let me add to that, I've been in this a long time, and often I find myself in the middle, even when the mess isn't mine. But I'm good at it.

1 - 4 of 80 Posts
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