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Contractor Installed Black&White Roof!

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We hired a lisc. bonded contractor to put a roof on our home.

The home is an 1800 square feet ranch home, plus has a two car garage. Is not steep.

His crew of 7 guys tore off two layers of roof, laid plywood, and laid new roof all in 11 hours. This seems like an awfully short time to do a good job. What do you think?

More important though, is the fac that our roof is not BLACK AND WHITE. The roofer put slate grey roofing on most of the house, which we picked from a catalog that he gave us. BUT he put this ugly white looking stuff on our patio, and the white stuff goes up along the roof a bit too. It makes our house look like a shack!

We contacted the contractor and asked why our roof is two colors. His response was that with the roofing material we picked that white was his onlin option.

We said, look you told us to pick a color. We picked slate grey. You NEVER told us that our roof would be slate grey and white! We told you at the start that the house was being reroofed so that we can sell it. And, we told you that we wanted the patio to look nice - not with any ugly rubber or unmatching roofing.

His answer was that the contract did not specify that our roof would be one color - so basically tough crap for us.

I think that he should either:
A) Make our roof all matching AND make sure that our 30 year warantee still stands per our contract.
B) Refund our money so that we can get another contractor to do the job right.

My Dad told me to call the contractors board.

What is your opinion on this. Is it reasonable for us as homeowners to expect one color roof? Does this guy have a leg to stand one? Is it reasonable for him to give us two different colors for our roof?
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He is lisc with the CCB. I have checked out his lisc. $15K bond - $100K insurance.

The patio is flat BUT. Before he did the roof the roof was all one color. He put on black shingles and white rubber looking stuff. When he asked us to select a color, and we chose black shingles, he never told us that would mean that we would have a roof of two different color.

Furthermore he today he said that had we selected grey shingles from his other catalog we would have had a one color roof. Therefore one color roof is totally possible.

We are not roofers. When he told us to select a color and we selected grey, we assumed that was for the entire roof. We feel that he should have told us that he intended to put on two colors. OR he should have suggested the other roofing material so that we could have one color.

I even told him at the start of the project the importance of having the entire roof looking consistent.

Yes it is bitumen. But bitumen is available in colors other than white. As I said, I believe any reasonable person would expect that when hiring a contractor to reroof the entire house that the contractor would use one color. And any reasonable contractor would notify a consumer if they were not planning to do so.
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I forgot to mention that we have only paid half of the money. BUT if he does not fix the roof we are stuck with either having someone else fix it and losing our warranty. Or being stuck with a grey/white roof.

The bottom line is that I want one color roof with a 30 year warrantee and I don't want to pay any more than the $8,500 that we originally agreed on.

Also I'm kind of paranoid about always paying my bills. So it upsets me that he thinks we owe him money. I'm afraid that he may try to put a lien on the house as we are trying to sell it or something.

We just want this all cleared up - bills paid - roof nice - so that we can sell our house. We planned on putting it on the market in three weeks.
You don't understand. My patio is flat . . . BUT the white part goes up on to the roof and it is visible.

All we want is the contractor to make the color match. We don't care if he lays over. He is not willing to do a thing. That is not reasonable on his part.
Yes - we asked him to fix it. He refuses to do so. He also say that the warantee is invalid if anyone else touches the roof. We told him we will not pay until it is fixed.

He is filing suit and putting a lien on the house (the work was just completed on Tuesday). BTW - he hasn't even bothered to come out and see the work that his crew did. AND we checked out some of his excuses (code. manufacturers rules. etc) for not fixing the roof and found that they were all untrue statements.

Since he is filing suit and putting a lien on the house we are very stressed. I guess that we have to get an attorney. Kind of stupid over something that he could easily fix.
PipeGuy said:
If it were me I'd call the roofer and tell him that we can either find a resoltion that addresses both my concerns and his interests or I'll use the outstanding 50% (+/- $4,300) to hire someone else to fix the problem and when it's done I'll send you whatever is left.
I would like to do that Grumpy. But the contractor says that if we lay anything over what he has don that our warantee from him becomes invalid. We are not sure if this is true or not. What do you think?
Tried to get pics today but it was too dark and foggy this morning. Will go to work late so that we can get pics tommorrow.

He left two very obnoxious messages on our voice mail, full of threats. Says he will not pay his suppliers or his workers. That he will pay no one and that he will lien our property. I wonder what he did with the $4500 we paid him?

Have a lawyer now. The lawyer's words were, "this guy has really stepped in it". Said he will give the guy a call in the morning to try to get him to calm down. Wants to avoid a battle. But if the guy wants to battle the attorney thinks that given his obnoxious behavior that he would lose to a jury hands down.

The entire original roof was white. We asked that our new entire roof be estate grey.

The "we" consists of my hubby and I. He is not happy either - in fact I would say that he is more upset than I because rather than talking to my husband 'man to man' (per my husbands attempts at negotiation)- the contractor keeps having his wife and secretary call us with threats. My husband is an extremely educated and reasonable person - the type of guy who always seeks resolution and tries to avoid confrontation.

All the contractor would have to do is offer to make the color discrepancy unapparent from the street and to honor his warantee. Instead he has hurled excuses/lies and threats at us. He threatened to 'foreclose' on our house and put liens on our house 6 times within two days of 'completing' the work. One day after 'completing' the work he sent us a bill with over $100 in late fees. It would take him less time to fix the roof than it is taking him to hassle us.

He promised us a 10 year labor warantee and 30 year materials. As someone mentioned I doubt that he would honor the labor warantee - and he still has not provided it in writing. However, I do have a voice mail in with this statement from him. As well as other voice mails with him freaking out and threatening us.

My attorney feels that his actions are irrational and indicative of someone who has financial problems completely unrelated to this project. The attoreny says that even if we do pay him the guy may not pay his suppliers/contractors and they could put a lien our house. Therefore he says that the guy must calm down, honor his commitment and sign lien releases.

BTW - is it typical to leave debris on the job site? in the garage, attic, etc.?

BTW - the house is blue/white now. But as we told the contractor, the reason we wanted the neutral grey roof was because that we plan to have the house repainted new colors once the roof is complete.
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It's important to remember that we ordered a slate grey roof, and that when we repainting the house (to put on market) that it will not be blue and white. That means no white trim. That means the white roof will look really strange. Contractor knew that we were fixing the house up (reroofing/painting) in order to sell it.
1. We did not approve the white.
2. He just told us that his crew would do it. Only after the fact did I find out it was what you are referring to as a 'sub crew'
3. He was not the lowest price, but was competitively price at $8500
4. We did check out his work We drove around town and looked at roofs he had done. None looked like ours does now.
I'm in the Northwest. No - none of them had a low slope roof.

I have to admit that we were extremely naive. We trusted the guy. He's been in business for 6 years - lisc - bonded - runs lots of advertising - and has a clean record with the contractors board. He was very nice to deal with during the sales process. It never occurred to us that things would turn out this way.

But, what I have learned is that's where it stopped. After he got me to sign - he passed the job off to shoddy subs - did not give me what I ordered - bla bla bla.

Can you tell me more about the matching color line of bitumen?

I too thought that the installtion looked 'sloppy', but I'm not a roofer. So the only thing that I could be certain that was not acceptable was that he used a color we did approve.

You mention how bad the flashing is (my hubby is upset about that too). Is it bad as in ugly/sloppy? Or bad as in may cause problems? Overall does this look like a sloppy, but properly installed roof? Or does it look like a poorly installed roof that will leak and/or violate code?

The reason I ask this is because since he has forced us to hire an attorney I would like to know whether we just make him fix the color problem. Or should we demand a proper roof installtion? In my state contractors that do bad work have to fix it or the contractors board yanks their bond.
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Do you think that this is a court battle because he is trying to lien our house? Or is it because you think that the contractors board/bond co will not agree with our position?
In our state the Contractor's Board has the power to serve as mediator. In other words if they find the contractor at fault they will require that he remedies the situation, otherwise they pull the money from his bond. However in terms on the liens, I'm not sure.

Our contractors board is extremely consumer oriented. This means that unless the consumer is making unreasonable demands, they tend to require the contractor to fix the situation.

Guess I'm going to have to wait for my attorneys next advice on Monday.
I understand your position Mike. However the attorney has advised us that since the contractor got aggressive so quickly and is threatening to lien our home and not pay any of his subcontractors or suppliers, that we should not pay a dime until he signs lien releases.

Regarding color of roof and home value. The home is not a high end home, nor is it a low end home. The average house in this area is about $175K. The value of this home (according to several CMA's) is about $220-$240K. The home is located in what is considered a middle to upper middle class area, populated by white collar professionals. These people do care about these things - at least I sure as heck do as I shop for my next home.

Most of the homes in our neighborhood are selling within days. Naturally we are roofing, painting, landscaping, and staging to make sure that house shows at it's best and sells quickly.
OK - I"ll stop posting after this. Here is my latest and last update.

I see what you are saying Grumpy. The thing is we have the money in the account and told the roofer we would pay in on the spot. All he had to do is come out and do what you said. He however told us that to do so would violoate code, that no such product existed (eg that white was the only color option he ahd), and therefore tough crap for us- and 'pay me now or else!'

This has gotten totally out of control. I think he has a screw loose. I'm glad we have an attorney. He is harrassing us with ridiculour messages. In the latest message he said, "I"m going to make your life hell. . . . I'm going to garnish your wages. . . I'm going to foreclose your house. . . .I'm going to embarass you at your work and your husbands work. . . . you now owe me over $5,000 (the balance for the job is only $4250). . .pay me or I will annialate you."

You see, this is how unreasonable he has been from the start. How can we pay someone who behaves this way. It's in the attorney's hands now.
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minnesotaroofin said:
Color is one of the main things a homeowner wants to know. . . . .
I don't think you read my posts. That's what this is all about. We DID stress color. We even drove around and looked at slate grey Owens Corning roofs that he did before we authorized him to install slate grey roof. I wish folks would stop insinuating that it is our fault because we were 'price' shopping or we didn't ask enough questions.

We hired him for many reasons - price was just one part. I don't think that $8500 is a budget roof. And we did ask questions. He took advantage of us and he lied. I would bore you to tears if I told you all of the ridiculous lies and threats he has hurled at us. Now he is threateing to 'anihilate' us. We don't know about roofing. We did our best to be responsible consumers. We didn't expect that we were deailing with an irrational 'businessman'.

One thing is sure, next time we hire a contracting co they are going to have to have been in business 30+ years!
The market is not like southern california, but it is a sellers market, particularly in my neighborhood where most homes that are fixed up and have 'curb appeal' sell within 10 days.

Homes that are sloppy stay on the market longer - about 30 days.
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