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Contractor Blog Contest

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Hey Ya'll,

I am Mary Baker, a marketer for and I just thought I would let everyone know about this great contest ( we are having for contractors to blog! :thumbup:

We have some great prizes-- grand is $250 gift card to Home Depot. :thumbsup:

Its starts Wed. Sept. 16th and ends Oct. 8th. Visit here for more details:

If this is in the wrong Forum, let me know.

Have fun blogging!
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Sounds interesting.
But is ( some kind of blog code lingo?
Is the 250 dollar HD card the consolation prize?....:whistling
Help me understand.
A chance to patronize the Despot
is a good thing?
In which universe?
I don't do beauty contests pagents. I get offers for 20 free home depot cards a week in the email, spammer!
For every web click, you earn 1 donut;
For every member register, you'll get a hot coffee (no, not cheap choco) :whistling

For every blog write, you'll earn $5 coupon to Mc Dee there there.. sit :eek:

For every good blog won, you earn a big bag of Silver-embossed "Silver-Tree" coffee brand promotion, :w00t: and

For every Google's top rank of our new web site, you will get an ultimate $100 gift cert to browse local HD's aisles.. for fun & profits... :thumbup: :whistling
They are on the right path though.
If YOU can't get your company's website to rank well, enlist the help of user-generated content.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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