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Condensate drain run from mini split wall unit through unheated garage

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A new building will have a guest suite and garage under one roof, the garage unconditioned, the guest suite insulated and conditioned via wall mount minisplit.

The arrangement of rooms, windows, and doors mandates the mini split head be mounted on a wall between the conditioned space and the garage bays. This means the condensate drain will be in garage, which can go to deep freeze in winter.

How does one do the condensate drain line in this application?
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The condensate drain is only needed for air-conditioning. As long as it always slopes down hill and no water remains in it there will be no water to freeze. I have run a few though un heated space.
Also in the winter sure not to use the dehumidifier function a lot of mini splits have.
I wonder how much heat loss occurs in winter because of this cold pipe passing through the wall?
cover pipe exit in winter time with foam cover? like sill cock covers available at Big boxes?

Can't drain into sanitary sewer in apartment with air gap fitting?

add faux down spout for condensate to drain into yard at corner of heated space junction to garage.....
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