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Concrete warehouse floor showing unusual stains

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28 days after the concrete is showing unusual stains and pathers after washed. The some aditives to the mixture included DRY D1 Calcium Oxide (CaO) (10kg/m3), Synthetic fibres, cementitious hardener, chemical surface hardnerr of surfacesodium silicate and nano silical.
The concrete reached the designed hardness. It is the apearence that is unsuaul and raised some eyebrows. If anyone have an ideal what could have caused this and sugestions how to fix this I would much apreaciate, thank you!
I´m located in Manaus, Amazonas in Brazil.
Water Road surface Grey Asphalt Black-and-white

Road surface Asphalt Grey Black-and-white Style

Floor Flooring Composite material Hall Concrete
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Looks like "dusting".
If you pour and finish indoors with a temporary heat source and not adequate fresh air this sometimes occurs.
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Silicate sealers can dust like that when over applied.
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