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Concrete Testing Lab at the site

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Hi guys,

I've been asked to look for pricing for a concrete testing lab we're going to have on site at a highway my company is building.

Items I'm supposed to price include:

a concrete breaker
2 spacers (one 4" and one 6")
12 sets of spacer pads for the 4" spacer
12 sets of spacer pads for the 6" spacer
2 curing tanks
2 heaters (1 for each curing tank)

I'm having trouble finding any information on the spacers and the pads that go with them. Any ideas as to where I could look for this?

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Is this for your own information or to be used for comparison the testing required by the HD? For your own uses, you can contact the supplier of the of the testing machine.

You may want to look at the ASTM testing procedure for the materials you may want to test. ASTM does not supply any equipment, but the procedures are established by various groups (engineers, contractors, suppliers, etc.) and they just supply or distribute the standards

If the lab is used for contract/specification compliance, you can get it certified along with a technician, but it is not cheap.

I assume you are just testing for your own purposes.
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