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Concrete Saws w/TANKER Package +FINDERS FEE

We are local Concrete Contractors in Salt Lake City, UT.

We currently are SELLING two (2) Diamond Concrete Dowel Saws equipped with (300HP) Cummins Turbo Diesels. Photos Available + FINDERS FEE

Saws (cut at 200 ft per min) equipped six (6) blades along with two (2) Water Tankers for cooling and back sludge intake.


Diamond Cement Saw w/Trailer are $145,000 each OBO.
8,000 Gallon Water Tankers are $30,000 each OBO.

Quote by the Owner:
There was a job last year that went for bid that had 150,000 Dowel Bars. So depending on the company and whether they do cutting only and then hire out the break out and re-pour or whether they do the whole process you could make anywhere from $1-$3 per slot. Do the math. UNQUOTE:

"FINDERS FEE" for anyone you send us to who buys. FEE BEGINS at $1,000 CASH and goes up depending on what combo they purchase. Contact me for details.

We can sell as a package of one saw one tanker or two saws two tankers or individually. We are open to All Reasonable Offers.

Everything is in excellent mechanical shape. There are not many of these high powered highway saws available (if any) leaving the competition behind when bidding on large commercial projects.

SHIPPING and TRANSPORT easily arranged to (Anywhere).

NOTE: Brand New these saws (retail) for over $266,000 EACH.

Call me DIRECT at 435-327-2229 if you are interested to learn more.


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