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Didnt see a concrete sections for this forum, so hope someone in this category can help!

Ive been doing concrete for 12 years, but have not come across this scenario before.

I have a patio to do with staircase(both concrete). the patio is 500sqft against side of house.
The problem is that the stairs are going to be exposed aggregate and the patio is going to be stamped. The stairs are on the patio to house entrance about 24" above stamped patio.
So, I cannot pour both at same time as the staircase forming will in the way when stamping as stamps are 1 inch think and wont be able to get flush with stairs to get a nice clean look.
NOw my question is... should i form and pour the stairs first then form and pour the patio next day?or form pour and finish the patio first then form and pour concrete?
Or does it really matter?
I think id do the stairs first then pour then patio.
What are all your thoughts?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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