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Concrete Floor

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Homeowners wanted a stained and sealed concrete floor on first floor. No scoring. Subbed it out, was stained in March, sealed in June. Allowed to "cure" for 24hrs (sub's recommendation), and owners moved in. Now lots of scratches and scuffs. Can still see "lines" where the sealer was applied. Sub is now saying it wasn't allowed to cure long enough before traffic was brought in on it. Not really sure what he sealed it with. Some parts of the floor (like in the corners) look really good, but mostly not. Any ideas? Recs?
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Find out what sealer he used. Thats the first step.
like 6string has said, find out type + brand of sealer. there are cheaper sealers out there that wont even hold themselves for long periods of time without a sacrificial wear applied to the top of them. there is a great amount of knowledge for care to a stained floor as well, that might not have been passed on from the sub to the owner.
what is with the time delay from staining to sealing? was the surface prep adequate prior to applying the sealer?
The sealer is a waterbased polyurethane, like wood flooring finish. At least it is suppose to be.

It will scratch and scuff, just like waterbased wood floor.
The sealer he used may of been inappropriate for a concrete surface, however i personally think that the curing period was too brief, 24 hours just doesn't seem sufficient.
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