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concrete driveway (coating)

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Client requesting a epoxy coating for a driveway, its old concrete with what looks like remains of old paint which has worn away. Looking for a strong coating to deal with it that will last?
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An epoxy outside? I wouldnt'. If it has to be given a coating I'd go with a polyspartic urethane.
I got a call today about a stamped colored concrete driveway.
We are in snow and ice country.
Can the polyspartic urethane handle that?
Is there any type of sealer that can handle the salt without killing the HO by being real slippery?
Usually we do walkways and patios with this stuff so..... hmmm.
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Acrylic Concrete Stain.....should be fine and not slippery...Epoxies dont hold up outside so dont use it.
Polyaspartic would handle that. If you want to add non slip you can combine it with a small particle aggregate and roll it out.
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What is needed is a concrete overlay. which can be stained and or engraved. First, if there is a coating it needs to be grinded off, then you can use what's considered a microtopping. I prefer to use Miracote MPC because of it's flexibility and breathability but there are many other manufacturers with similar products.

As far as sealer is concerned, you need to stick with something breathable such as an acrylic. Chances are that the driveway does not have a moisture barrier.
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