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Concrete deck cantilever code?

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I took this picture up in Canada at a small beach side park that shall remain nameless to protect the homeowner, should this be read by some Canadian Code enforcement nazi.:whistling

I had to take the shot because I was stunned at how far the concrete was cantilevered. I'm no concrete maybe this is okay. But when you see it in person...and I base stuff like cantilever off my 240# big butt jumping up and down on looks like a quick course in gravity research.

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While I agree with SLS that if it's engineered properly it won't be an issue, Falling Water is not the photo I would have posted as an example of great engineering. While that building looks nice, they just spend a huge sum of money fixing all the structural and water infiltration issues it had. FLW was a genius when it came to making houses look nice, but he sucked in the detailing department- not unlike many of the other signature architects out there (Frank Gehry comes to mind immediately).
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