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compressor oil additive

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My oil-less compressor crapped out today so I grabbed my Hitachi compressor. I'm doing some framing outside and the temp is 30's and this compressor doesnt want to budge do to the oil turning to molasses.

Ended up using my pancake compressor but running the framing gun for floor sheathing sucks.

Is there any additive to add to the compressor oil to make it thinner in this cold weather?
The oil it takes is 5w-50 fully synthetic.
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I have an oiled compresor as well, I use synthetic oil, just gotta keep it heated but most times its at 20 degrees or less when it wont work

Just love it in the summer its quieter and lot more air
I used to put regular Mobil 1 5w-30 in my oiled craftsman, worked fine no matter what the temp.
Is it a twin tank hitachi ec510 or something like that? I used to use those, great compressors when its warm but garbage in the cold. Needed a heater almost all day even in -5C.
Going to maybe steal the heating pad from the wife and wrap it around the compressor sump to see if it helps.
If not it may be torpedo heater time.
If your not working it real hard and it has to much time to cool down between fills .keep the drain cracked slightly so it runs more and stays warm. Worked for me or put the spot light next to it.
I never needed the torpedo, just a small little space heater pointed right at the oil sump did the truck.
just dealt with this, put the propane torch to the sump for a couple minutes slowly warming the case. like the heated blanket idea......hmmmmm:)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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