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Complete Restoration of Deck

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This is a deck where the homeowner wanted to sell the property and was told the deck was shot and needed to be removed and a new deck installed. We gave them the alternative do remove the horizontals, restore the verticals, do some small repairs, and then re-stain the deck. This is an example of that process. We saved them a lot of money and as you can see a nice end result.

Property Home Yard Backyard Deck

Hardwood Wood stain Wood Furniture Deck

Property Deck Siding Yard Wood stain

Wood stain Furniture Deck Backyard Siding
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Thank you, yes they were.
Are those just patio pavers that support those 4x4's picking up the midspan of the joists?

Even if they are piers, that framing wouldn't pass an inspection.
That pictures shows the restoration of the verticals, actually the wood has a "wet" look to it. We ended up doing other modifications and repairs as well. They still save on the cost of demo of the old deck and then the cost of the new deck. Usually it runs about 60%-70% of what a new deck would cost. In regards to code each township is different besides your standard codes. For example, there are a couple of townships around me that require permits for replacing balusters of different material, not all do. We always take all these factors into a remodel/restoration project. Many times on decks like these we put new footings in and will also install joists in between the old ones. One thing when we take on these jobs is that it seems like no two are ever the same.
I never see the point of Skinning a Deck. the labor it would cost is more than a new build.
not to mention the frame would be old and your putting new decking on top.
just makes no sense to me.

but i understand you gotta do what you gotta do in some places to get by
I re-top decks all the time...and make good money doing so.... A properly framed deck with quality pressure treated lumber will last decades.

To the OP.... This is a site for pros, many of whom do the same work as you.... Your post just seems a little spammy.... Deck looks good, but we are here to talk about what we do, not plug our company for web results.... What repairs did you do to correct the midspan of those joists?
I like to offer customers a good, better, and best alternatives when giving an estimate especially as it pertains to a budget. This customer was selling the home and had to have a lot of work done. In regards to the wood horizontal surfaces will wear twice as fast as the verticals and the frame of the deck. We offer this service because it is less money for the customer and specifically in these circumstances. This house was sold and inspected and we were fine. on these jobs we add footings, joists, rail systems, stairs, etc. as necessary. I apologize if my post was "spammy" as it was not my intent. I posted it in the Pressure Washing category because a lot of pressure washers do not realize they can do this, that is if they do decks. Just meant for conversation by this post.
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Very nice before and afters. It's nice you can offer the HO an alternative to a brand new deck.

However, I'm with Roto on this one. What is actually being saved, is there any value to that framing? looks ridiculously under framed to me. (cripples instead of beam, weenie 2x6 joists 24oc, no center blocking, no rack or cross braces. missing a stringer or 2.)

What YOU did looks great, but where's the value in dressing up a pig like that?
It looks like a flip. Makes sense. But, my god, that thing must bounce like a trampoline. It sure looks good and your average homeowner would never know. I don't think I could bring myself to offer that as an option though.
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