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Company slogan

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He name of my company is:
"Southern Yankee Home Services"

Currently at the end of all emails sent is the slogan:
"Southern Pride / Yankee Craftsmanship"

I don't have it printed/listed anywhere else due to not sure how it is perceived. Moved from the Boston area to Raleigh 11 years ago. A lot of yankees move to NC year after year.

I get comments about the co. name all the time from bank tellers to customers, they love the company name. But I need a slogan that is a bit less humorous, more on the serious side.

Tell me what you think of the slogan? I'm open to revising it, so any suggestions would be helpful.

Much appreciated.
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Don't they call you damn Yankee if you stay?
I'm sure we're called a lot of things for moving to the South.
Never heard anyone any say their moving to the North when they retire.
I might replace "southern pride" with "southern hospitality".
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Flash nailed it.
flashheatingand said:
I might replace "southern pride" with "southern hospitality".
Winner winner chicken dinner.

:whistling God bless 'em, Yankees giving advice on "Southern Hospitality"

Ironic - But it fits, especially if you back it up.
Moving down here, screwing chit up..... :laughing:

Cool name. Hospitality sounds better.
I changed it to Hospitality, as I do expect every customer to be treated above and beyond what they may have experienced in the past.

Manners matter!
:whistling God bless 'em, Yankees giving advice on "Southern Hospitality"

Ironic - But it fits, especially if you back it up.
I knew that was coming.;);)

Granted, I Am not a southerner. But, I did live in northern Ms. from 85~88. I really liked it. Aware of the whole southern pride thing, just thought that hospitality was a better word.

With a friendly "ironic" barb, why is it so many southerners are so New York ~like?
My company does work with several different home improvement contractors, and I constantly feel strategizing over the logo and slogans can be one of the most rewarding processes.

I like your company name! It really did grab my attention. I agree with the change, and I definitely love the "Southern Hospitality" added into the slogan. My one comment might be to change the /. I might add a synonym to combined. You could use something like "blended with" or "mixed with."

Again, I'm not entirely sure how your logo matches up with your taglines, but that is my first impression just reading the logo.

Hope that helps! Please feel free to get in touch with me if there is anything else I could help you with!

Best of Luck!
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